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SMR Computer Services - my story of terrible service

Particulars of Claim Notes of Mr Mark Lines re: computer hard disk recovery from SMR Computer Services

June 4th – contacted SMR computer services to recover data from my disk. He charge would be 230 or nothing if he cant extract the data. I said I would bring it to his workshop and he said he would collect it from my address. I said I had wanted to use a local business

Texted my address to Mohsin Zaidi on 07973 882090

June 5th Mohsin rang and explained that it was a seized motor and that they will rebuild the disk. He said there was a 99% chance that all the data can be recovered. He said it would take a week or two

July 4th – I rang Cancom (disk supplier) to see if they would exchange the faulty disk after the data was extracted. I also asked them to recommend disk recovery experts. I spoke to Retrodata and they knew of Barracuda disk motor failures and said this type of recovery usually takes about 1-2weeks.

July 8th – rang Mohsin he said it would be ready Monday13th. He said there was 7% left to do.

July 13th – rang and left message

July 20th – went to Cochran Ct – which was closed up. Rang him and he said it was 90% done and would return it on Wednesday. He said his company address was at Bulstrode road, Hounslow.

July 22nd – he didn’t ring nor turn up.

July 27th at 17.13 he said he would ring back in 5mins. He rang back in 10mins and said he has the files but cant read them. He will ring me Tuesday PM to arrange for me to see if I oculd read them.

August 8th I rang him at 1.30pm. He said he would deliver tonight after 6pm - he didn’t turn up or ring.

August 11th I rang him at 9am – left message.

At 1.45pm he rang back said he had taken on too much . I said I would like a result or my data returned within 14 days or I’ll take the matter further and that I will write to confirm this. He said before I write wait until after tomorrow or Thursday 13th – I said I will write anyway.

I heard nothing.

August 12th – rang got answerphone.

August 13th drafted letter to Bulstrode Road address

August 15th send letter (recorded delivery) to Bulstrode Road

September 3rd – sent final letter to Bulstrode Road address – recorded delivery

To date 2 Oct 2009 – no reply

29th October 2009 - County Court Judgement (CCJ) issued at Milton Keynes County Court

In November 2009 I had a targetted attack on 2 of my bank accounts and money was taken. The disk I provided had photos on but them I remembered I had used it as a main disk and data recovery software could soon retrieve other information.
A crime case has been opened with the police and I am waiting to hear.