MILTON KEYNES - what is rubbish

May 2012 Shenley Church End - Post Office - in the Pharmacy

Asked about options and prices and was just given a price and told I hadnt filled in the label properly
Then she snorted like she was going to spit something horrible all over the screen
Rating: RUDE - YUK

Pharmacy okay.

August 2012 B&T Tyres Bletchley

Undid my wheel bolts in the wrong order and messed up the locking wheel nuts - told me I'd done them up to tight. Strange they were the last to do them up with their air gun
Asked on the phone if they can MOT my car, said they can arrange something come in anytime. They werent going to do it. they were going to take it to their mates across the alley

Milton Keynes Council

Contacted them about tackling speeding on my estate road - took ages - put one of those speed signs in the wrong place.!
Roads department manager said there were 100s of roads in MK with problems and nothing he can do !
Contacted them about repairing broken kerbs near my drive - no action whatsoever.

Sold off the 'Dolphin Splashdown' leisure/swimming pool to a Supermarket for them to build a lovely great store that we dont need !!
They got a 500k 'bung' to allow this to happen

They only fund 40% of swimming pools in MK. Planning to build loads more houses but have no money for leisure facilities !
Selling off all funded after school care.

Sold half of Stantonbury playing fields for Sainsbury to build a supermarket

They are now allowing a super casino to fill the bottom of the Xscape building - and guess what, they are getting a 500k 'bung' every year while the casino is operating.

Not supported MK Lions in finding a building to train and play in.

In fact they offer erm... nothing. They fund nothing substantial. They seem to be on a plan to turn MK into a slum town, where you can shop and booze and that is about it.

It would seem that MK Council are bust. They need to BORROW 50M to fix the roads.

They really just dont know how to manage anything


Milton Keynes Citizen

Horrendously expensive to advertise in.
Also won't run any story that puts Sainsbury in a bad light - like the Dolphin Splashdown demolition where Sainsbury are building a supermarket.

Rating: un-trustworthy




A Speedway track and stadium
..A Greyhound track and stadium

...The National Hockey Stadium
....The Lions Basketball team
.....A Fun Water Swimming Centre
......Rollers - Roller skating rink




John Lewis - great service and quality products at a good price.


Two Mile Ash Post Office - very helpful and good service. Its in the Bargain Booze shop which is okay as well.