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I invested in the Grandfather Clock painting in 1999 and have kept an eye out for others since.
Apparently her technique is to wet the whole paper and then apply paint to create the painting with a soft effect. It works especially well on 'Cascade'

There are 3 watercolours hanging in the Barry Room, House of Lords.Other known pictures:
St Giles Cathedral, Edingburgh — signed(50x76cm) Evening Light, Newcastle — signed (50x76cm)

Watercolours and oils by Sophie Knight, RWS

SK1 (don't know title)Acrylic

Mists Coming in; the Orkney Isles



scafolding Mayfair

Flowers on
dressing table

Red roses by


Girl with Red Roses

Union Street


This is just a sample of small images by Sophie Knight.
If you like these check out these links for more information.....
and her new site

Art Auction Site_____

RWS __Gallery____

RWS ______

Konstantin Ivanovich Rudakov

Eglise St.Remy Dieppe

Pastel by James Longueville

For sale by Sophie Knight and James Longueville.

I am selling these two pictures as I have enjoyed them for a few years and would like a change.
If you know these artists you will recognise the work straight away.

Please email me if you are interested in either. You can come and see them before purchase.
The James Longueville is 450 and

the Sophie Knight is 250

contact me at marklines @

I have a PayPal account by which you could pay for these - please contact me.

in a modern limed light green frame

16x23 in a slim elegant modern gold finished frame.

Grandfather Clock, cottage in South of France

I did submit both pictures to Bonhams in oxford but neither sold at the time (I think I had the reserves too high)
It does however prove their provenance.

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