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My last posting on the nochex forum - which has since been closed because there were so many complaints

So, you are a rule unto yourselves. i operate my account properly and then when I try to withdraw my 500 you block my account and don't send me my money. You claim to have found some discrepancy but wont say what. Your really poor support staff hide behind 16.3 of your T&Cs. Actually your T&Cs say you can do anything you like, oh and what a surprise - you have no complaints procedure. You put the name FSA on the bottom of your website - but actually you are NOT REGULATED by the FSA. That's a clever move because it means you dont have to answer to them !!

I think you just want to make extra interest on my money.

I've written to Philip Sheldrake - he cant be bothered to reply.

You are cowboys, I hope PayPal buys you out and gets rid of all of you.

What steps do I take next - I shall deride the NOCHEX system at every opportunity and on every ebay sale I'll have a big banner explaining how bad you are.

Actually, I'm just finding out about the small claims court - you cant be allowed to carry on abusing people in this way.

Only bother to answer if you are prepared to send me my 498


December 2006

Since then, I learned that they blocked my account because my issue number on my switch card was out of date.

Paypal would have just asked me to put the new number in !!

No thanks NOCHEX - I'd rather use Paypal

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